Faster Django development with beautiful starter apps

micro-SaaS with Django

Starter apps, tools and templates that will save 100+ hours, so that you can focus on your business and launch faster.

For Python and the Django Framework.

What you get?

Use our products, to jumpstart on your new project or app. Some features are currently only for Django projects.

Landing Pages

Use our pre-built landing, pricing pages + 3 other page layouts, along with reusable elements to compose your own custom pages.

language agnostic
Starter Kits

Use our SaaS starter boilerplate to spin up a django application with account management and a beautiful dashboard theme.

django only
Payments with Stripe

Use our SaaS Django starter boilerplate to start charging your customers with Stripe. Billing and subscriptions included.

django only

How can you use Axion Stack?

Get a Landing Page Up - Use our pre-built landing and pricing pages, along with reusable Bootstrap 4 elements to compose your own custom pages.

Billing and Subscriptions - Use our SaaS starter with stripe subscription and an admin dashboard, focus on building your core business logic and ship faster!



Starter apps • Tools • Templates
SaaS Starter Kit

Django Starter App with landing pages user and account management. Billing, subscriptions and invoices with Stripe.

$49 $99 OFFER
Blue Lagoon
Just the Landing Pages

Landing pages for your product with pricing page elements and re-usable UI design components with Bootstrap 4.

Coming Soon
Pricing Page Generator

Online tool to generate pricing tables, linked to your Stripe plans. Takes you directly to Stripe pages for subscription payment.

Coming Soon

I have used Axion Stack to bootstrap client projects at our Agency. Always saved me weeks of developer time!

Awin, Founder - Axion Stack

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