LaunchKit SaaS Boilerplate

Everything you need to get a SaaS business off the ground.
Made for Python / Django Framework.

What is included?

Get all the featues to start your SaaS business - landing pages, subscriptions and user management.

Use the battle-tested Django framework and the popular Python programming language to build your web applications quickly with lesser code.

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Landing Pages & UI Blocks

Landing pages for your product, pricing page elements and re-usable UI design components with Bootstrap 4. Just change your copy and use them in your product.

User Account Management

User account management, with the mandatory registration and login pages, along with flows for password reset, user verification and profile pages.

Subscriptions with Stripe

Integrated with Stripe subscriptions, product plans and upgrade - allowing your customers to make payments, automated billing, invoices (with stripe) and managing payment methods for card payment.

Save pricey dev hours

Save around 100 hours of development time. Get a jumpstart! With an average developer cost of 25 USD/hr, save around 2500 USD from you project costs.



Pay one-time and get updates for a year. Choose a license for single or multi-project use.

If you have questions regarding the product or pricing please reach out to Awin.

$49 $99

  • Use in one project
  • Landing and Pricing Pages
  • 20+ Reusable UI components
  • User Registration and Login
  • Profile Management
  • Billing and Subscriptions
  • Background Jobs (Celery)
$149 $199

  • Unlimited Projects
  • All features

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